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"Kangfeng" brand comes from an ancient story of health and wealth. In order to realize this story, we founded and registered this brand "Kangfeng" 20 years ago, and focused on making silk quilts and silk supplies with pure natural silk for people to use and enjoy. After 20 years of development, "Kangfeng" has become a leader in healthy home textiles.

Legend has it that as far back as the Yellow Emperor, the first ancestors of the Yuan concubine began to domesticate wild silkworms as silkworms, and woven silk into brocade silk to make clothes. The ancient cultivating and weaving drawings have recorded in detail the whole process of raising silkworms, raising silkworms, winding silk and weaving silkworms of ancient silkworm farmers. China is the earliest country in the world engaged in planting mulberry, raising silkworms, reeling silk, and weaving silk. Silk has become a symbol of ancient Chinese culture. With more than 5,000 years of civilization, Chinese silk, with its excellent quality and rich cultural connotation, "goes deep into people's hearts and coats the world." Silk is a masterpiece of nature, and using silk is the pride of the Chinese. Because of the limited production of silk, it has always been the privilege of the nobles and the luxury of the magistrates. In the poem Song Zhangyu's "The Silkworm," "the whole body is not a silkworm," it is wearing silk satin Yes, no one is a sericulture person, and all can reflect the dignity of silk. During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, silkworm clothing was used as a ceremonial clothing, and silk became a symbol of the "nobility", and it was an irreplaceable treasure in the upper class. Silk has a natural health effect and is a miracle created by silkworms. Silk is hard-earned, destined to be luxurious and mysterious, and it is a part of people's elegant life. "Kangfeng" is based on the brand concept of "health is wealth", with the purpose of having a healthy body and creating a dream of wealth. The best silk quilt is the "Kangfeng" code of conduct. "Kang Feng" mission is to make everyone use healthy home textiles. Using "Kangfeng" will bring you a healthy body, and having a healthy body is the greatest wealth for each of us!

We are the earliest silk quilt manufacturer in China, and it is designated as the "production base of silk quilts and silk blankets" by China Silk Association. At present, the company has 4 registered trademarks at home and abroad, and has the only national invention patent in China, "Tipping-free manual silk quilt and its manufacturing method". In order to ensure the production of healthy silk quilt products: from planting mulberry and raising silkworms, establishing a raw material base, to raw material processing, product production, the enterprise is in one stop. The entire production process is green, environmentally friendly, and fully handmade. In the past 20 years, we have continuously developed new fabrics, new styles and new products. "Kangfeng" people attribute their achievements to the past and reposition themselves at the starting point. We will continue to win the trust of customers with high-quality products and services. Sincerely hope to establish a wider business relationship with new and old customers around the world and become a friend you will always trust!

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