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Goods return guarantee

  • Meet the following conditions, you can request a replacement

    1. The customer unpacked and inspected in front of the delivery person when he received the goods, and found that the goods had quality problems;
    2. The actual receipt of the goods is very different from what is described on the website.
    Exchange process:The customer asked the delivery person to return the goods in person and then contacted us. We will re-ship for you, the arrival time of the goods will be postponed.
  • Meet the following conditions, you can request a return

    1. Within two days after receiving the goods, the customer finds that the goods have obvious manufacturing defects;
    2. The goods are exchanged once but there are still quality problems;
    3. Due to human reasons, the goods have not been received more than 5 days after our promised arrival.
    Return process:The customer will contact us within two days after receiving the goods, and we will return your payment by bank transfer within three working days.
  • In the following cases, we have the right to refuse the customer's return request

    1. The goods are damaged, but did not require the delivery staff to exchange the goods on the spot when receiving the goods;
    2. Return and exchange requirements exceeding the return and exchange period;
    3. The returned goods are incomplete or the appearance is damaged;
    4. The customer's shipping documents are missing or incomplete;
    5. Products are not provided by us;
    6. The goods themselves have no quality problems.

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