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What issues should be noted when signing for goods?

1. Home delivery, cash on delivery order: When the courier delivers the product, please check the goods against the invoice face to face. If the number of goods is missing and the goods are damaged, please handle the return of the entire order on the spot. If the order contains gifts, please return them together. Once you confirm the signature, we will not be able to process your return or replacement.

  • Special Note:

    1. If your order is paid by account balance or gift certificate, it can only be processed if the amount of the returned goods is less than the actual amount payable.
    2. If your order contains gifts, you will not be able to provide this service; if it is a set of goods, you can only return the whole set. If it is a bundled product, you need to return the gift together with the main product.

2. Posting orders at the post office: Please check the outer packaging when receiving the package. If you find that the package is damaged, please do not sign it. Then, please mail the original package receipt to us in time. The only proof of payment or refund. After receiving the package, we will handle the relevant procedures for you. If you do not open the outer packing box, you can also return all goods on the spot. For regular mail orders, if a package is found to be damaged when you receive it, please ask the post office to issue a package damage certificate.Note: Please check the invoice carefully during the inspection and signing. If there is an error or missing invoice, please contact us in time, indicating the order number, mailing address and recipient's name. Issued for you and mailed to you.

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