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Delivery method

Courier companDelivery scopedelivery timeDetailed introduction
SF Express (+ ¥ 20.00)

Nationwide2-4 working daysSF Express ( may be the best express company in China. If you want the service quality of the express company to be better, please choose SF Express. From speed to quality of personnel and even safety, SF Express is one of the best in China. During the distribution process, you can enter the Shunfeng website to query and track the transportation of goods.
ems express (+ ¥ 25.00)

Nationwide2-5 working daysNational Post Express Mail, door-to-door service, usually arrives within 2-5 days. It is transferred by the courier company, so the speed will be slower than the general courier. Mainly used for general courier can not reach areas.
fedex (+ ¥ 30.00)

Nationwide1-2 working daysFedEx is the world's largest express delivery company, providing fast and reliable express services to more than 220 countries and regions around the world. FedEx has a global air and land transportation network, usually only one to two working days, can quickly deliver the tight deadline of the goods, and ensure on time delivery.

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