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payment method

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Advance deposit payment
Use the member's pre-deposit balance to pay. If the balance is insufficient, you can enter the member center to recharge online.

Card number:Liu Xiaoke


Money Link Card Number:Liu Xiaoke


Jinsui Card Number:Liu Xiaoke


Dragon card number:Liu Xiaoke

AlipayAlipay ( is committed to providing a variety of safe, convenient, and personalized online payment solutions for Chinese e-commerce. Alipay was launched on Taobao in October 2003, and it has quickly become an extremely widely used online secure payment tool in just a few years. As of June 2006, the number of users using Alipay has exceeded 20 million, the total daily transaction of Alipay exceeds RMB 40 million, and the number of daily transactions exceeds 250,000.


paypal Paypal ( is the world's leading online payment company paypal company tailored for the Chinese market online payment service, you can use e-mail address, through credit card and bank account, secure payment And deposit all kinds of online accounts. Paypal uses existing banking systems and credit card systems to provide safe and convenient online payment services to more than 100 million individuals and online merchants in 103 countries around the world through advanced network technology and network security technology.

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