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What is most distinctive in Kangfeng's market management system is that we not only emphasize macro-brand market management, but also attach great importance to the individual needs and professional guidance of each dealer. Execution ability improvement.

For your success, we promise

1. The company will assist distributors to complete the network and hold distributor product ordering meetings.

2. Comprehensively improve the terminal image and terminal sales ability of dealers.

3. Send marketing elites with rich market experience to assist dealers to operate the market, maintain terminals and access markets, and solve market problems at any time: we will use professional and exquisite POP, posters, flags and other complete terminal promotional tools to assist dealers to seize Terminal advantage.

4. Targeted marketing guidelines: As high a starting point as Kangfeng, dealers have as much profit margins as possible. We will help you operate the market in various ways, convene regular gatherings on a regular basis, sum up in a timely manner, pass on marketing experiences and deficiencies in various places, and share information, so that your profit platform and the Kangfeng brand starting point can be improved simultaneously.

5. Internationalized targeted training: In response to various situations that occur during the operation, we will promptly send personnel to train local management, market personnel expertise, marketing skills, market management, corporate culture and other aspects to improve together Comprehensive enterprise strength. At the same time, we will also provide various (product, management, sales) related training materials.

6. Support and rewards: In order to achieve common goals and achieve our common interests, we will formulate detailed profit and feedback and reward operation mechanisms, so that your efforts will get a more generous return.

7. Personnel support: According to market demand, the company assigns experienced regional managers to assist dealers to operate the market, maintain management terminals and market channels, so as to better serve customers (dealers, distribution and consumers).

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