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Join conditions 

No matter how much you want to join Kangfeng Home Textile Co., Ltd. franchise store, you must have the following basic conditions, because this is a necessary condition to ensure the success of your store:

Love the home textile industry, eager for success, unique vision, confidence and strength, honest and trustworthy, with diligent and pioneering character;

Understand the consumption structure, business district distribution, bedding brand and sales situation of your city;

Willing to accept strict management of company headquarters;

Have a certain economic strength.

steps to join 

Any legal person or natural person who has the qualification for retail sales of home textiles can choose any of the following two different monopoly image forms to apply for Hong Kong Kangfeng Group Co., Ltd. to become a "Kangfeng" in Chinese cities according to their own specific conditions such as experience, financial strength and business area "Home Textiles" franchisee;

Choose one:

Requirements for setting up an A-level "Kangfeng Home Textiles Specialty Store":

Municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capital cities, or cities with a population of more than 2 million;

There are shops with a size of more than 120 square meters in the commercial district;

Prepayment of 20,000 yuan in credit guarantee;

Prepare funds not less than 600,000 yuan;

Complete the corresponding annual sales target;

In the second year of store opening, more than one (including one) specialty store was opened.

Option two:

Requirements for the establishment of a B-level "Kangfeng Home Textile Specialty Store":

Prefecture-level cities, cities with a population of more than 1.2 million (can be determined according to their specific economic status);

It has shops with a size of more than 100 square meters in the commercial district;

Prepayment of 20,000 yuan in credit guarantee;

Have funds not less than 500,000 RMB;

Complete the corresponding annual sales target.

Rights and responsibilities

Legal operation, honesty and trustworthiness;

Responsible for the image maintenance, business promotion and network development of the "Kangfeng Home Textiles" store in the jurisdiction;

Must operate in the form of specialty stores or counters in shopping malls: "Kangfeng Home Textiles" retail business;

Must attend the ordering meeting twice a year;

Strictly implement the company's price policy;

Comply with the company's "payment before payment" order payment regulations;

Actively cooperate with various training and on-site guidance arranged by the company;

Actively participate in and cooperate with the implementation of various promotional activities planned by the company;

Regularly notify the company of the true situation of sales and inventory;

Jointly maintain the "Kangfeng Home Textiles" brand and report the counterfeiting and imitation of "Kangfeng Home Textiles" products in the market industry;

Take strict measures to keep company secrets;

Accept the management of the company's headquarters and strictly implement the operating standard of "Kangfeng Home Textile Monopoly Store".

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