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1. Innovative brand strategy and huge market prospects for economical home textiles: a team of well-known market planning experts and innovative "economical home textiles leader" brand strategy to capture the huge market demand of the new generation of target consumers.

2. Innovative and highly competitive products: Centering on the concept of "economic home textiles", Kangfeng Home Textiles subverts the traditional design concepts and product forms to distance themselves from the traditional home textiles in order to better suit the value needs of the new generation of consumers. In addition, as China's leading large-scale home textile brand, Kangfeng has a large-scale production and processing base, which has obvious cost and scale advantages. At the same time, as one of the few home textile companies in China with independent research and development and design capabilities, Kangfeng is in design Has been leading the trend of international home textiles. "Low cost + elegant design" This makes Kangfeng maintain a strong competitiveness in the market.

3. Professional market planning and lineup of well-known brand planning experts: a team of well-known market planning experts, who will fully preside over Kangfeng brand strategic planning and market management, and meet the general needs with accurate high-quality cheap product strategies, occupying the commanding heights of the home textile industry.

4. Effective advertising terminal placement: Advertising placement emphasizes "practice" and "effectively increase seller sales", comprehensively covers the terminal's effective advertising resources, and carries out terminal interception and terminal sales to consumers.

5. Efficient and professional terminal construction team and professional marketing personnel to guide sales: professional and responsible marketing personnel maintain good communication with regional markets, help support agents to operate the market, train business and promotion teams, jointly build networks, consolidate markets, Significant surge in brand promotion and sales.

6. Rich and diverse terminal materials: Combining the various terminal needs of dealers, Kangfeng will provide a large number of targeted terminal materials and gift materials to ensure that dealer terminal sales will always be "sufficient ammunition" and will continue to rise.

7. Effective promotional activities in place to help dealers "empty products" thoroughly: themed promotional activities throughout the year to completely empty dealer warehouses, as long as dealers provide demand, appoint professional marketing personnel to formulate targeted according to the local conditions of dealer Sales activities to help dealers completely empty inventory.

8. Broad profit space and perfect dealer policy: set up a perfect dealer policy and establish a standardized and attractive year-end rebate system to ensure that dealers enjoy generous returns.

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